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Why I hate Raven



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I just have to say something about the Sarah Palin pick.   I know everyone is talking about it and probably no one cares what I think, but I’m going to say it anyway.  This to me seems like a desperate attempt for John McCain to steal some votes away from Obama.  To choose someone who was a mayor of a small town and a governor for less than two years is a mistake for McCain.  Let’s face it, John McCain is old and if something should happen (I’m not hoping), I don’t want someone as inexperienced as Sarah Palin to run our country.  Especially in the state our country is in.  It’ll be interesting to see if McCain will continue with those “no experience” negative ads.

However, I think it’ll be hard for Democrats to run against McCain’s choice just after the close primary race with Hillary Clinton.  It’s just unfortunate that the second woman to run on a major party ticket is a very strong conservative and an opponent of abortion.  Somehow, I don’t think women would have chosen Palin as their first pick.  Palin could help McCain’s campaign, but I hope people really think about the possible outcomes.

Even better.  Some college senior who likes to “fight socialism” and a supporter of Rudy Giuliani is given credit to the Palin V.P. pick.

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I just love America’s face at the end of the video.

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Into the Wild!

So, I’m going to Alaska in less than 5 days.  I’m really excited.  No, I’m not hitchhiking or surviving off of berries. I just hope I don’t get eaten by a bear or volcanic ash doesn’t eat eat away our plane’s windshield.

It should be fun.

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Hello world!

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