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Looking Ahead

Well, I’m excited.  I’ve just taken another major step towards becoming a teacher.  I have plenty more to come, but I’ll get there.  Looks like I’ll be going back to school next year.  Oy vey!


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Here is the video of the press conference Barack Obama held today about the financial crisis.

Obama explained his proposal to issue a joint statement of the broad principles to deal with the financial mess.

I agree with Obama on what he calls the most important principle on this issue.  Obama feels, “The American people should not be spending one dime to reward the same Wall Street CEOs whose greed and irresponsibility got us into this mess. We can’t allow this plan to become a welfare program for Wall Street executives.”

Obama feels this is not a bipartisan problem, but it’s a problem that calls for an American solution.  I also think the first presidential debate must go on this Friday.  We need to hear both their plans and how they will recover the economy.  I understand campaigning should be put aside, but we need to be reassured that the next president can handle and deal with this mess and prevent more financial ruin.

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1. Muffin Top Pan.

2. Geeky T-Shirt.

3. Fried Crab Claw USB Memory Stick.

4. Flush!: Modern Toilet Design.

5. Baguette Keyboard Wrist Cushion.

6. Design Within Reach Airstream.

7. All Edges Brownie Pan.

8. Tetris Tiles.

9. Horse Head Pillow. (Terrible, but it made me laugh)

10. Louis Vuitton Trash Bags. (Ridiculous!)

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Here is an old but recent clip from The Daily Show.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I love having weekdays off.  I get some reading done.  I catch up on LOST and I get to hit Happy Hour early!  I’m off to have some sushi.  Well, just the fake kind (Yummy Cuvacado rolls).

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I wish I had HBO.

Daffyd Thomas “the only gay in the village” attends a university in the U.S.  Bubble DeVere will be gambling away offering “champagne, champagne for everyone!”  The teen delinquent, Vicky Pollard is sent to boot camp.  The rude receptionist, Carol Beer, finds some work.  And Marjorie Dawes, of the Fat Fighters club, tries to give some weight loss tips to overweight Americans.

Other favorites return and some new characters will appear in the spin-off comedy sketch series from David Walliams and Matt Lucas.  I love all of their shows and I can’t wait to see new episodes.

Here is a sneak peek of the show featuring Rosie O’Donnell as a “neeeeew” spokesperson.

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So, I saw 9 to 5: The Musical last Friday and wow what a show.  I haven’t had that much fun in a really long time.  It’s a huge production with lots of set and costume changes.  The show did have a Celine Vegas type LED screen, which was a little strange. But, it’s totally Broadway.  Very upbeat with catchy tunes.

Megan Hilty is adorable, as always, and made a great Doralee.  Poor Allison Janney isn’t much of a singer, but she is a perfect Violet Newstead.  I thought she did a great job and it was fun to see her dance on stage.  And Stephanie J. Block just made the show for me.  She is so cute and innocent throughout the whole, still bringing out her singing talent, but comes out in full force near the end of the second act with a huge solo number. The character Roz, played by Kathy Fitzgerald, was a surprise. She was so funny and had a great showstopping number. And Marc Kudisch, playing the boss, is just so talented even though his character is such a creep.

It was only the fourth preview so clearly there was still some work to be done.  There was a couple of mishaps with the sets and I think Megan forgot a line and some of the songs didn’t quite fit. The part of the show I also found strange was the added love interest for Violet Newstead.  I thought it was a little distracting and it felt like an excuse to throw in a love song that wasn’t really needed.

My favorite song was “Shine Like the Sun.” It’s the song at the end of Act One where the leading ladies are fed up with their boss and decide to take matters into their own hands. Here are some of the lyrics. By the way, some bootlegs are already on YouTube.

Shine Like the Sun

Under this hair is a brain not that you’d ever care.
Do you only see tits? Well get this there is a heart under there.
A heart that you broke and then ripped out more times than a few.
Well ol’ “Double D” Doralee is going to stick it to you!

I’m going to shine like the sun when these clouds run away from my door.
When it’s all said and done I won’t be at your mercy no more.
I will prove my own worth, heal the damage and hurt that’s been done.
When the cryin’ is all done, well I’m going to shine like the sun.

I have had enough hurt in my life and you’ve been adding to it.
Well I’m in control now and just like before, I’ll get through it.
You hurt and embarrassed me proving you don’t give a damn.
And I’m tired of men like you who make me feel less than I am…

Here is the complete track list.


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