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Polar bears had a good day.  President Obama announced today an override of a Bush Administration regulation to the Endangered Species Act.  The rule,  announced  just weeks before Bush left office, made it easier for federal agencies to launch projects that could affect endangered species without consulting with government scientists.  Obama said, the overturning of the regulation will restore “the scientific process to its rightful place at the heart of the Endangered Species Act, a process undermined by past administrations.”

“The work of scientists and experts in my administration, including right here in the Interior Department, will be respected…”For more than three decades, the Endangered Species Act has successfully protected our nation’s most threatened wildlife, and we should be looking for ways to improve it, not weaken it.”

Environmental groups have praised Obama’s actions and so have I.


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In just over two weeks, the California Supreme Court will hear arguments on the validity of Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriages.  Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund and Ken Starr (Yup, Mr. Starr Report is still around) are working to defend the constitutionality of Proposition 8 and filed legal briefs on December 19, 2008.  Since that wasn’t enough, they also want to nullify the 18,000 marriages of same-sex couples.  Courage Campaign wanted to put a face to marriage equality and asked for couples or anyone affected by the Ken Starr’s shameful legal proceedings to submit photos with a simple message. Don’t divorce us. Check out the video.

And don’t forget to sign the letter to the state Supreme Court, signed by over 290,000 people, to invalidate Prop. 8 and strike down Ken Starr’s case.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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What a surprise.  California Attorney General Jerry Brown believes Proposition 8 is invalid.  Brown called on the California Supreme Court to reject the initiative.

“Proposition 8 must be invalidated because the amendment process cannot be used to extinguish fundamental constitutional rights without compelling justification.”

Great! The state’s highest attorney stepped up to the plate and bravely spoke out against this proposition.  But, of course, not without some upsetting news.  Supporters of the same-sex marriage ban now want to nullify the thousands of marriages that were granted, after the state Supreme Court ruled it was a constitutional right.  Proposition 8 supporters responded to the three lawsuits filed against Proposition 8.  And I thought voting to protect the rights of a minority was wrong and unfair.  To go beyond that and nullify those marriages is just horrible,  mean-spirited, and upsetting. That is just sad to hear.

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Obama’s administration is still taking shape and so far a powerful and diverse team has been chosen to lead our nation.  Today, Obama appointed openly gay Nancy Sutley for the Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.  The deputy mayor for Energy and Environment for Los Angeles supported Hillary Clinton in the primary and previously served as the Senior Policy Advisor to the Regional Administrator for the EPA under the Clinton administration.

In recent years, we have seen states and cities take the initiative in forging innovative solutions on energy.  Nancy has been at the cutting edge of this effort…she will bring this unique experience to Washington, and be a key player in helping to make our government more efficient, and coordinating our efforts to protect our environment at home and around the globe.

Nancy Sutley is the first prominent openly gay public official Obama has appointed to his administration.

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