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Yeah, she said it.


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I can’t stomach an hour of American Idol, but 4 minutes of it on The Soup is palatable.   I just need to know how much of  jackass Ryan Seacrest makes of  himself.  So, I’m not surprised to see Seacrest give the most awkward moment on TV.   A high five to a blind guy. (It’s at the end of the video. 3:00 minutes in)

Now that’s quality programming.

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Why do I like this song so much?

The song is ‘Dreidel’ from Erran Baron Cohen’s album Songs in the Key of Hanukkah.

In my opinion, this is much better than that Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) track.  However, I won’t post a video of myself dancing on YouTube.  I think we’ve seen enough of that.

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Happy Holidays!  I hope you enjoy this Christmas classic.

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Joe the plumber!

No, America isn’t that messed up.

But, what’s going on?  I just heard on the radio, Hillary Clinton has accepted the offer for secretary of state.  Then I find the Clinton camp saying, “We’re still in discussions, which are very much on track.”  These leaks are so funny, but the secretary of state leak, I find annoying.  Oh, they had a discussion.  Oh, Clinton was offered a position.  Oh, Clinton is considering.  Oh, Clinton wants a new role in the Senate.

Oh, spill it already!

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Warning!  The horror starts 3 minutes into the video.

The cameraman just happened to perfectly fit the turkey slaughter into the shot.  I wonder if Sarah Palin did this on purpose.  She just couldn’t resist the media attention.

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Alaska’s Division of Elections just reported that the incumbent Republican Ted Steven, who was just convicted of filing false charges, is trailing his Democratic challenger Mark Begich by just three votes.  125,016 to 124,019.

What the heck is going on?  It looks like the vote count is going to continue well into next week.  But, he’s a convicted felon!  We’ll see what happens.  Alaskans love him.  The airport terminal is named after him and I remember seeing a ton of Ted Steven signs during their primary election while on vacation in their lovely state.

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