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I can’t wait to see the new movie “Milk” starring Sean Penn.  The movie, a biopic about the first openly gay man elected to office, is currently in limited release but opens in more theaters this Friday.  I’ve been so fascinated about his life and the work he did for the gay rights movement.

Dustin Lance Black, the screenwriter of the film, was also inspired by the life Harvey Milk.  Dustin Lance Black is openly gay and grew up in the Mormon faith in San Antonio, Texas.  Hearing about Harvey Milk and his sacrifices encouraged Black to come out to his family and friends.

“Texas kept me very quiet. I became intensely shy, I had thoughts of suicide. I was a pretty dark kid, because I had an acute awareness of my sexuality, and was absolutely convinced that I was wrong. In his Hope Speech, Harvey Milk says, ‘There’s that kid in San Antonio, and he heard tonight that a gay man was elected to public office, and that will give him hope.’ And when I first heard that speech, it really did that. It really, really gave me hope, for the first time.”

Terry Gross, from NPR’s Fresh Air, recently had a great interview with the screenwriter of the film, Dustin Lance Black.  Talking about his experiences growing up in the Mormon Church, researching for the film,  and what it meant to him about the passage of the same-sex marriage ban.  It’s a great interview and I love his insight on gay rights.  I’m so glad NPR has been running pieces on Harvey Milk and other gay rights activists during that time.  And for Fresh Air to have Dustin Lance Black on the show.  It’s great to hear open gay public figures share their experiences.  It’s so important to share experiences and let people know who is being affected.  It’s what we need to achieve equality for gay Americans.

Check out the interview.  And while you’re at it, listen to Terry Gross’s interview with James Franco, who co-stars in the film. And listen to a review of the film by their film critic, David Edelstein.  Did I mention I’m excited to see this film?


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